Experienced Attorney | Honest Counselor

Have you been charged with a state or federal crime? Has the government seized your property? Trying to get benefits as a veteran? In any of these situations, you are facing a powerful opponent with extensive resources. With Charles L. Weber, Jr., Attorney & Counselor at Law, you never have to feel like you are fighting powerlessly or alone.

Call my office in Charlottesville, Virginia, at 434-218-1745 for your free consultation. I represent civilians and veterans in Albemarle County and the surrounding counties.

I Have Your Back In Court And In Private

At my law firm, I wear two hats: attorney and counselor. I protect your best interests tenaciously in both roles, but I do so in very different ways.

  • As your attorney, I fight for you in court. When I step into the courtroom as your lawyer, your rights and interests are my only priority. I use my knowledge and experience to do everything possible within the bounds of the law to get you the best outcome possible.
  • As your counselor, I tell you like it is. The court doesn't need to know everything, but you need and deserve to know exactly what you face in any legal matter. When we talk in private, I never sugarcoat my advice. You will always understand the reality of your situation and the benefits and consequences of your actions and your options.