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Fighting For Your Rights In The Military And In Court Since 1968

At Charles L. Weber Jr., Attorney & Counselor at Law, you work with a lawyer who believes in the law and knows how to use it to protect your freedom and your future. Although I was not licensed to practice law until 1998, my legal training began long before as an aviator in the Navy.

Going into court to present a criminal defense or fight property forfeiture is like going into combat.  Two of the most important things I took from serving for 27 years in the military include:

  • The Constitution is the supreme law. Everyone deserves, unconditionally, the rights afforded by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Everyone equally deserves to use the protections afforded by those same documents when the government threatens their rights, especially the right to due process and a lawyer.
  • A good strategy is crucial, but you never know what will happen. You cannot win in combat or in court without a well-developed strategy. My preparation includes planning for all eventualities — expected or unexpected — and I am always willing and ready to change course.

If you would like to read more about my education and career, click the link below for my complete profile.

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No one should have to pay a premium to have their rights protected by a serious lawyer. When you contact me, I offer free initial consultations. I want you to understand your situation and your rights without pressure. When you become my client, I offer affordable rates and will quote a flat fee in most cases.

Call me at my office in Charlottesville, Virginia, at 434-218-1745 or send me an email, and I will contact you personally.

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