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You Can Challenge Property Forfeitures

Your freedom is not the only thing you could lose in a criminal case. The government has the authority to seize money or property in a civil procedure. You could forfeit your rights to the property indefinitely, even if you are never convicted of a crime.

As a veteran and criminal defense lawyer, I believe in protecting your constitutional rights. Too many times, I have watched the government abuse this authority. When it is possible, I will use the power of the law to fight any taking.

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Is the government taking your property unrelated to a criminal investigation? I can help you too. The government uses eminent domain to take property, but this power has limits and you have your rights.

I Help Level The Playing Field Under Unequal Circumstances

The government can seize money or property if it believes it is evidence of a crime, it resulted from illegal actions or you used it to fund criminal activity. Officials must only support their claim by a preponderance of the evidence. This means that the evidence for forfeiture only slightly outweighs the evidence against it.

A few real life situations:

  • Police execute a search warrant based on suspected drug activity and find money.
  • You are accused of a white collar crime. Prosecutors argue that you used the gains to purchase your home, your car or other valuables.
  • You are being investigated for fraud or theft, and the government freezes your bank accounts. This includes joint bank accounts, which could affect you if the co-owner is under investigation and vice versa.
  • Investigators allege that you used computers and other electronic devices used to manufacture or distribute pornographic material.
  • Drug dogs detect traces of controlled substances on a package you sent or received through the United States Postal Service. The Postal Service can keep the property, which also gives the agency incentive.
  • You make a single or several cash transactions around $10,000, which could trigger an investigation and forfeiture based on the suspicion of illegal activity.

Did you know that the majority of money in circulation has traces of either cocaine or marijuana on it?

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